Kick off 2023 with The Georgia Feminist

Running from Dec. 2022 – Jan. 17, 2023

Step into the new year with some advice from readings by Samantha, one of the Georgia Feminists behind the organization.

Samantha has been reading tarot since college, and was introduced to the tarot by her maternal grandma. If you have never had a reading done before, you can expect to get an energy check on a situation with advice on how to move forward. Samantha’s reading style does not hold to the belief that anyone can “predict the future,” and uses the cards as an opportunity to check in on a situation, including uncovering or affirming aspects for you. You can take advice from the cards to make changes and shift energy, or stay the course, depending on what comes up and how you feel about it.

There are 20 spots for readings, and each reading is $25. They will be delivered via email from All readings will be emailed by Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023. Only one reading per person, though feel free to purchase more than one as a gift(s).

All proceeds from the readings go to supporting the administrative costs of the organization. This includes items like our P.O. Box, online subscriptions to support our digital content and events, and fees to run our online shop with Georgia Feminist merch. (Keep an eye out — we’re working on a way to keep this open longer-term!)

Please note that we cannot offer medical or legal advice, and ask that you refrain from asking questions on those topics. All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

If you would like to learn more about tarot, astrology, and spirituality from a grounded and/or feminist perspective before or after your reading, some of Samantha’s favorite spiritual content is: Ghost of a Podcast by Jessica Lanyadoo, Stars Like Us podcast by Aliza Kelley (@alizakelley on Instagram),  @tarotexegete on Instagram, Chani Nicholas on Instagram and Twitter, @TheHoodWitch on Instagram.

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